Inter Faith Week - How Chaplains can get involved

14th November 2021

This year, Inter Faith Week will take place in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland from Sunday 14 to Sunday 21 November. The Week aims to strengthen inter faith relations and increase awareness and understanding – see for more information. The Week is an opportuni...

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Reflections from the Chair - August

18th August 2021

During this month's reflection, Rev Mike Haslam reflects on the preparations we can make as the summer draws to an end and the new term is insight.   You can watch this reflection here:   Preparation   To anyone who correctly predicted all of the events...

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Introduction to Shame in Ministry - Revd Dr Sally Nash

29th July 2021

SHAME IN MINISTRY I can still feel the shame over forty years later.  As a chubby nine year old doing maths, working out the average weight of the class by using a public weigh-in was bad news!  I feigned illness and lied, probably giving a weight that defied belief!  This is the event that t...

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Reflections from the Chair - July

28th July 2021

From a mountainside in Wales, Mike reflects on the words from St Paul to the Corinthians, ‘These three will last forever, faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love.', which he comes across inscribed on a commemorative bench.   AJM lived from 1965-2008 and in-memory someone put up a b...

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Survey into adaptations churches have made to work with young people during the pandemic

28th June 2021

  Dr Sarah Holmes (Liverpool Hope University) is researching the adaptations churches made to work with children and young people during the pandemic.   Could you respond on behalf of your church or organisation? The survey is only open for three weeks.   Do you want to have input into st...

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Reflections from the Chair - June

22nd June 2021

You can watch this reflection here:   Following the National Conference for School and College Chaplains - People of Hope in Times of Change - Mike reflects on the meetings he has had with Chaplains since the conference and how he is hopeful that CCE's vision to see a ...

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Reflections from the Chair - May

18th May 2021

You can also watch this piece:     In our countdown to the conference - Rev Mike Haslam reflects on Hope in May's Reflections from the Chair.   When shops were briefly open and I was doing Christmas shopping in ASDA I met a former student by the cheese aisle, w...

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Reflections from the Chair - April

8th April 2021

  Watch this reflection:   The Revd Mike Haslam shares his reflections of the month.   This month Mike asks: In the upper room with the disciples, in your school or college, here and now, what is your prayer this Easter tide? Where is Jesus sending you? How, w...

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How the Millfield Prep Chaplaincy Wellbeing Dog Helps Our Pupils

8th April 2021

  Rev’d Michele Kitto – Millfield Prep School Chaplain I joined Millfield Prep School in September 2014 as a lay chaplain who was exploring ordination. Whilst it was a sideways move from being a Deputy Head Pastoral, for me it had all the elements of pastoral care and spiritual provision I ha...

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Reflections from the Chair - March

15th March 2021

Watch this reflection here:   The Revd Mike Haslam shares his reflections of the month. This month Mike explores Mothering Sunday and the intricacy of families and family life, asking that we can thank God for all families, whatever their complexity of the challenges they ...

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Journey for peace - an interview with John Patterson

26th February 2021

You can watch the interview here:   Maggie interviews Dr. John Patterson Principal at St Vincent's School for Sensory Impairment to find out more about the Journey for Peace Project. Journey for Peace is a curriculum set around a series of comics based on an essay written by a...

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Reflections from the Chair - February

15th February 2021

Watch this reflection here:   In the beginning, before time, before people, before the world began, God was. Here and now, among us, beside us, enriching the people of earth for the purposes of heaven, God is. In the future, when all that we know has found fulfilment, G...

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Chaplaincy and School Ethos - Research Summary from Josh Hunt

15th February 2021

“What is that?” asked a student, as they pointed to the huge ‘vision statement’ emblazoned upon the wall of their school’s reception area.   “I think that’s your school’s ethos and vision statement”, I replied. The student looked a little bewildered a...

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Reflections from the Chair - January

19th January 2021

Watch this reflection here:   How are you doing?  ‘OK-ish’.  I sense that is where most of us are, at best, nearer to the surviving than the thriving end of the spectrum.    We continue to live in extraordinary times and I continue to be in ...

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Reflections from the Chair - December

7th December 2020

Watch this reflection here:     O come, O come, thou living word, And pierce our hearts with healing sword, From God’s own mouth proceeding far To Lance the fest’ring wounds of war. Rejoice! Rejoice!  To mend our strife shall come in flesh the G...

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Reflections from the Chair - November

10th November 2020

It feels fragile and tenuous at the moment, and yet I believe that for all that this is new and scary, we do none the less live in precedented times.  There have been pandemics and plagues, wars and disasters; and it was fragile and scary, to put it mildly, on the cross.    As I run through th...

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A Chaplain's Experience - Joys and Challenges of the first half term.

28th October 2020

2020 has been an extraordinary year. Returning to a new school year, following a lockdown of months was new to us all. The new school year has (and continues to) present an unprecedented number of new and ever-changing rules. We know that Chaplains across the UK are working incredibly hard to make sense of this...

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Reflections from the Chair

26th October 2020

Reflections from the chair...   I do occasionally leave the world of Chaplaincy, and on one such pastoral visit to a rural group of parishes I asked the Vicar what they had heard from God through lockdown.  He offered three thoughts...   How important the community was, both the wider vi...

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Missional Youth Church Network (MYCN)

21st October 2020  

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A visit to the Blue School’s ‘Soul Cafe’

14th February 2019

On Friday, 8th February, Go Team Advisor, Cheryl Govier visited Sarah Curl, the Chaplain at The Blue School, Wells. Cheryl joined Sarah at her recently established Soul Café. Soul Café is a space provided once a month, during lunchtimes, for students to come and drink hot chocolate, eat toast...

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Chaplaincy at Tesco: the obvious place to be

6th February 2019

Revd Nick Buck, Vicar of St Giles Church Lincoln and Chaplain at Tesco store on Wragby Road, Lincoln, talks to Hannah Fletcher of BBC Radio Lincolnshire about his Chaplaincy ministry. You can listen to the programme on the BBC Sounds app, the interview is approximately 35 minutes into the programme. “T...

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