Some News from Taize January 2020

9th January 2020

Dear All,I spent most of last year in Cape Town, South Africa. The meeting there in September saw young people being welcomed by others across the racial, economic and denominational lines which divide the population. In that respect it was quite remarkable. The time I spent in Cape Town, much of it among mater...

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December 2019 Newsletter

16th December 2019

Dear All, The past couple of months have probably passed quickly for all of us as we draw nearer to the end of term and the celebration of the birth of our Lord and King. I sincerely hope and pray that you are both encouraged by what has happened this term and, whilst I am sure you are ready for a break, full ...

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Autumn term - welcome email

24th September 2019

Welcome to the first email of the new school year! I trust it finds you well and beginning to get back into the swing and rhythm of school/college life. It was good to meet many of you in person at the National Conference in June. It was a great way for me to start and I was hugely encouraged and excited by th...

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Building better chaplains - new centre launched

25th June 2019

An exciting new initiative, funded by the Jesuits in Britain and the Woodard Trust was launched at the fifth national Chaplains' Conference. The Centre for Chaplaincy in Education is an ecumenical venture to resource and develop Christian chaplaincy in schools and colleges around the country. They intend to off...

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Praying for our Emergency Services

2nd May 2019

It’s just over two years since PC Keith Palmer, a member of the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Group, died from wounds he received during the Palace of Westminster attack. The Sri Lankan Easter Sunday horrors are among the most recent terrorist atrocities. Terrorism is constantly in the news with...

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A visit to the Blue School’s ‘Soul Cafe’

14th February 2019

On Friday, 8th February, Go Team Advisor, Cheryl Govier visited Sarah Curl, the Chaplain at The Blue School, Wells. Cheryl joined Sarah at her recently established Soul Café. Soul Café is a space provided once a month, during lunchtimes, for students to come and drink hot chocolate, eat toast...

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Chaplaincy at Tesco: the obvious place to be

6th February 2019

Revd Nick Buck, Vicar of St Giles Church Lincoln and Chaplain at Tesco store on Wragby Road, Lincoln, talks to Hannah Fletcher of BBC Radio Lincolnshire about his Chaplaincy ministry. You can listen to the programme on the BBC Sounds app, the interview is approximately 35 minutes into the programme. “T...

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