About us

Who we are

We are a body of people passionate about Chaplaincy in Education on being the best it can be. As a charity we seek to serve Chaplains through training, support, resources and strategic advocacy for Chaplaincy in Education. As a community we strive to encourage, support and equip Chaplains in schools and colleges in their ministry. We are a gift to the Church and to schools in working with you.

What we do

We work in partnership with other organisations and denominations in the field of Chaplaincy in schools and colleges.

We encourage local and regional networks to develop as hubs for fellowship and formation;

We identify and promote ways in which schools/colleges and/or local churches can evolve appropriate models of chaplaincy;

We offer support and advice on how to establish chaplaincy in schools/colleges;

We advocate for school and college based chaplaincy;

We share resources and information on about chaplaincy in schools and colleges;

We organise and facilitate training opportunities for Chaplains in schools and colleges.

Meet our team

Chair of Trustees - The Revd Mike Haslam

The Revd Mike Haslam, Chairs the Centre for Chaplaincy in Education board of trustees. Mike also works as the Chaplaincy Development Advisor at the Diocese of Bath and Wells in Somerset, here he leads a growing ecumenical network of 290+ Chaplains (in all sectors). Over the years Mike has served as a chaplain at every level of education, from Nursery to Higher Education; he has also been a parish priest.

Beyond work, Mike is a husband and father, an occasional painter, a lover of mountains, sea and wild places and an almost obsessive runner in such amazing landscapes.

The Trustees

Rev. Mike Haslam (Chair of Trustees) – Chaplaincy Development Adviser, Diocese of Bath and Wells

Rev Garry Neave – National HE and FE Policy Adviser, Church of England

Imogen Taylor – Finance Director

Catherine Bryan – Chaplaincy Adviser, Catholic Education Service.

Orla Kearns – Grant Administrator, Porticus

Rev. Justin White: Senior Provost, The Woodard Corporation

Team Members

Emma Bartlett – Communications Administrator