New intakes throughout 2022/23

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Welcome to the Centre for Chaplaincy in Education

Regular intakes throughout the year
Exploring Education Chaplaincy

The Centre for Chaplaincy in Education has partnered with Newman University, Birmingham to offer a stimulating new pre-induction course for those that are seeking to explore whether Chaplaincy in School and/or College is a role for them.

If you are someone who is interested in Education Chaplaincy this is the course for you!

There is no need to be in a chaplaincy role or have had a chaplaincy experience. We also welcome chaplains who are practicing in other settings and want to learn more about the world of School/College Chaplaincy.

The course has a small fee of £30.00

New Intakes!
School/College Chaplain Induction Programme

We’re delighted to announce two new intakes for the 2022/23 Induction Programme with partner Newman University. This stimulating programme develops your reflective practice as you explore the key steps to become an excellent practitioner.

The course is aimed at UK-based school and FE college chaplains who are new in post (no more than 3 years) or those who will commence a school or college chaplaincy role during the induction course.


Commissioning Service

Sunday 11 September 2022

Location: Online

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Sharing our stories, One-day Chaplaincy Conference

Tuesday 18 October 2022

Location: Brentwood Preparatory School

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Moving Forward

Any movement involves taking steps (initially mentally) and sometimes changing direction. I am absolutely sure that all of us have sometimes talked ourselves out of mo...

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Reflections from the Chair - June 2022

You can watch this reflection here.   In this month's clip, Rev. Mike Haslam considers a Chaplain's journey and the interruptions that play a role in that. ...

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The Growing Faith Foundation Research Opportunities!

Do you want to find answers to big questions? Can you help us change the Church? Are you in a school, a church, a TEI, a university, a youth group, a research unit, ...

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Looking Ahead

Much of what I spend my time doing is having conversations with amazing people! I am truly blessed in that, as I am sure you can understand. As we are beginning to ope...

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Reflections from the Chair - May 2022

You can watch this reflection here.   In this month's clip, Rev. Mike Haslam reflects on the way ahead, next steps and God's calling. What is God calling u...

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We offer a range of courses and qualifications

We’ve partnered with Newman University to design CPD that meets the needs of Chaplains in Schools, FE and Sixth Form Colleges.

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We provide a range of resources

Our resources are designed to support you in your role. We welcome our members to contribute to our resources.

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