The Growing Faith Foundation Research Opportunities!

The Growing Faith Foundation Research Opportunities!

Do you want to find answers to big questions?

Can you help us change the Church?

Are you in a school, a church, a TEI, a university, a youth group, a research unit, a chaplaincy, an organisation linked to Jesus in some way?


Growing Faith is about schools churches and homes working together to give young people and children the best possible chance to have life in all its fullness – to enjoy safe spaces to explore their spirituality and to grow in faith. The Growing Faith Foundation has been created to support dioceses and parishes to do this even more effectively than they do at present. It’s part of the Church of England.

In order to ensure this work is rooted in good theology and good practice in the fast-changing world of the 21st century, to raise the quality and profile of ministry in the intersections between home, school and church, and to ensure as many children and young people as possible benefit from the Growing Faith movement, the Foundation is keen to commission research into aspects of the intersections between churches, households and schools.

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