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Jumping Fish publications are produced primarily to support those working with children in both the school and church setting, yet they are also used within a wider range of contexts. These publications are designed to help bring alive stories and spirituality central to the Christian faith.


The Experience Journeys set of resources are an exciting way to explore Christian festivals. Visitors are invited to travel around stations set up in the church building or outdoor space and have opportunities to reflect through multi-sensory activities on parts of the festival in focus.


Whilst the Experience Journeys were originally designed to be hosted by a church community for their local primary schools, churches often choose to keep the displays in place and open the church during the days following schools visits, so that their own members or external visitors can experience the journey. The journeys can also be held in other locations, such as halls or classrooms.


Experience Easter has been an extremely popular publication, ever since it was first designed in 2008. The new edition (revised in 2019) provides an interactive way to explore the story of Easter with children whilst incorporating the challenging events of Holy Week. The resource allows the children to hear about and reflect on different parts of the Easter story in an accessible and appropriate manner, drawing on the approaches within Religious Education. Within the Experience Easter publication, the six stations focus on The Story of Palm Sunday, Jesus washing the Disciples’ feet, The Last Supper, The Garden of Gethsemane, The Cross – Symbol of Hope and Resurrection.


We are delighted to be able to give details about our latest publication, Experience Lent. It is a fantastic addition to the collection, which offers multi-sensory, simple explanations of why this is an important time for Christians. The publication forms the same method as our other titles within the Experience Journeys collection and uses display stations and activities to tell the story. The six stations focus on a time of Lengthening and preparing for Easter and preparing for Christian living, a focus on Shrove Tuesday, a focus on Ash Wednesday, Lent is for hearing God, A focus on dealing with temptations, and the final station looks at keeping going, using Lent for all of life. Experience Lent uses the idea of travel or ‘journeying through Lent’ to link the stations together and uses items of luggage as a focal point of each station.


You may also be interested to hear that Jumping Fish are currently working on a new publication, named Experience After Easter. This resource will focus on the liturgical year more holistically, including reference to Pentecost and Trinity Sunday. This publication is available to pre-order and is due for delivery in early March.


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