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The Centre for Chaplaincy in Education has partnered with Newman University, Birmingham to offer a stimulating new induction programme for Chaplains across the UK. Our unique programme develops your reflective practice as you explore the key steps to become an excellent practitioner.

October 2021
January 2022

Online Learning

Our purpose built Moodle provides exciting resources for you to explore

Education Setting

The programme supports chaplains in Primary, Secondary and FE settings

Dedicated Mentors

Each chaplain student will be assigned an experienced and dedicated mentor


Entry Requirements:

The course is aimed at school/ FE college Chaplains who are new in post (no more than 3 years) or who take up a school/ FE college Chaplaincy role during the induction course.


Alongside the Induction programme and as one of the engagement points each participant has a mentor. Your mentor will deliver 3x one-hour meetings (or equivalent). This will be to facilitate discussions, answer any concerns, and consolidate your learning.

The induction program aims to:

  • Develop a new Chaplain’s knowledge of their context and ability to analyse this
  • Develop a new Chaplain’s core skills and ability to deepen these
  • Develop a new Chaplain’s ability to fulfil the role and be able to access and create resources
  • Develop a new Chaplain’s engagement with the wider school/FE college Chaplaincy network

Delivery Time:

Total Time Commitment:

35 hours

Contact Time:

24 hours

Self-Directed Time:

11 hours

Contact time includes:

  • 1½ hours Live Online Introduction
  • 3x 6 hours per key topic - resources provided on a Virtual Learning Environment.
  • 3x 1 hour live online with Mentor
  • 1½ hours Live Online Conclusion and Evaluation

You will receive weekly tasks to complete.


There are no formal written assignments associated with the course, throughout you will be directed to a reflection area where you will record and reflect on the skills you’re developing. These will be discussed with your mentor and facilitator. Completion of all of the online materials alongside meetings is required to ‘pass’.

A reference is required for each applicant.


The cost for this course is £200.

We welcome all onto the course -being fully inclusive and accessible is a central part of our philosophy. There is a range of bursaries and payment options available please contact for more information.

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