Christmas OutoftheBox

30th November 2021

Share the story using objects

Now we have time and space to breathe.

This is a Christian story about Christmas. Let’s be curious. Everything was created by love. Everything came from the stars. God is love and created everything. God is closer to us than our breath. Mary and Joseph lived in a land ruled by people who came from another place. They were ordered to go to Bethlehem to be counted by the soldiers. Mary was about to have a baby. God came so close to them. They knew their baby would change everything...


Create a space for the group to wonder together: 

Let's be curious about how we feel.

I wonder what part of this story you like?

I wonder what part you don't like?

I wonder what the story reminds you of?


Give time for responding to the story by providing open-ended materials like paper, paint, clay, building materials to allow children to play. Some may wish to play with the story materials or find their own loose parts to make a story. If you are outside (as in Forest school) - you can use the natural landscape and 'found materials' like leaves, twigs and stones.

This story could be narrated, acted out or set to music and interpreted by small groups.


Videos of this story on cloth, on snow, and on sand, the full script with ideas of how to open this story up to play and wonder can be found here:


OutoftheBox is a story-sharing approach that creates a safe and playful atmosphere to wonder. It supports the wellbeing of all children and adults, fostering wisdom, hope, community and dignity.

OutoftheBox is in use in a range of settings, including schools, care homes, workplaces, families and faith communities.


We are a not-for-profit organisation offering resources, training and support.

There are different genres of OutoftheBox - Wisdom, Religion and Worldviews, History, Science and Shalom OutoftheBox. Each has a different purpose and will be suitable for different contexts but they are all about wisdom, wonder and wellbeing.







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