Ring out for Climate!

30th October 2021

We mostly associate church bells with the call to worship, weddings and very special national celebrations such as the millennium or the ending of the 2nd World War. But they also have another historic function: to ring out warnings.


Normally those warnings have been local: to warn of fire, floods or shipwrecks. But they were very much on standby to warn of possible invasions by Hitler, Napoleon or the Spanish Armada. Times of real national crisis.


Here at CCE we believe that today is a time of real national crisis and so on Saturday 30th October we encourage you where you can to ring your church/parish bells to warn the people of the threat we face and. If you have a chapel with just one bell - please use it, perhaps your students could be involved - a powerful way to involve students and the younger generation!


The IPCC report has stated unequivocally that the extreme weather events which have swept the globe are the consequence of man-made climate change. The UN Secretary General has signalled ‘Code Red for Humanity’, which he would not do lightly.


Our planet has given us warning after warning, through floods, wildfires, droughts, heat domes and hurricanes, that we have profoundly affected the balance of the planet and are making it increasingly hostile to mankind.


There can no longer be any doubt that humanity is now in mortal danger… and on a global scale.