News from the North East

4th October 2021

Last week saw my first really extended stay away from home since Covid struck. The North East of England is a very well-kept secret in so many ways: beauty in coast and countryside, friendliness and support as well as fabulous emergency care and coffee shops!

It was certainly a week I hadn’t fully intended (in some ways!) but the meetings with the lovely Durham Diocese Chaplaincy Adviser Catherine and a wonderful retreat with the group of chaplains in the Archdiocese of Hexham & Newcastle at the inspiring Emmaus Youth Village made the long hours of driving – something I did NOT miss during lockdown!  Totally worth it. If you are wondering what I do when not on zoom: now you know!

Such meetings: where kindred spirits meet to worship, plan and discern God’s leading, support each other and demonstrate so very clearly in the stories shared just why chaplaincy in schools and colleges is desperately needed, are what keeps me passionate about this ministry.


We are, I believe, on the cusp of something new: God is urging us forward in service of young people and all members of the communities to which we are called.


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