Reflections from the Chair - September

29th September 2021

This month Rev Mike Haslam considers 'Speeding Through' in relation to Proverbs 16.9


You can watch this Reflection here:

I have colleagues who revel in strategic action plans, colour-coded, bursting with detail and regularly reviewed and updated. I also have colleagues who would run many miles to avoid such things. The former hold that a strategic plan gives you the chance to consult and think carefully about the next steps; and holds you to account as you take them. The latter prefer to be organic, responsive to the winds of the Spirit and the world around us, alert to where God might be calling next. I guess that you can picture people who you know who fit both stereotypes.

Proverbs 16.9 says: ‘The human mind plans the way, but the Lord directs the steps.’ This seems a perfect middle way, with responsibility for us to plan and prepare, review and reflect, but within the overarching and all-encompassing grace of God.

As the maelstrom of September speeds through, leaving all in its wake…

In a world without many Covid regs, or the protection they bring, but not without the dangers of Covid…

Amidst the vulnerabilities of lives changed by lockdown, the fear of the future and the hopes…

As you listen, care, pray for and bless all in your school and college communities…

I hope and pray that, whether or not you are a planner, you can create space to breathe and be still, to pray, to listen and to be cared for and blessed in your life and chaplaincy ministry.


You can watch this Reflection here:



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