Reflections from the Chair - August

18th August 2021

During this month's reflection, Rev Mike Haslam reflects on the preparations we can make as the summer draws to an end and the new term is insight.


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To anyone who correctly predicted all of the events of the last academic year, wow, I commend you and am in awe. If you’re among the overwhelming majority of us whose hopes and plans were continually confounded by Covid, then preparing for the next academic year may feel like a challenge!


Yet there is preparation that we can do.


First and foremost our chaplaincy ministry and mission is rooted in God so our most important preparation is to continue to pray, to learn from scripture, to listen to our communities and to reflect together.


Secondly, whilst chaplains are there to listen, care and pray with people whenever there is need, to react to the concerns around us, we are also called to be proactive, to initiate and lead.


Finally, and crucially, if we aren’t caring for ourselves then we won’t survive the year to care for our communities. How will we ensure that we can be refreshed, nurtured and take sabbath time?


A few questions…

What are our hopes, prayers and visions for our school or college this year?

What strategies and plans will us to realise these?

What training and formation and refreshment do we need to be a spiritual leader in our communities amidst these uncertain times? How will we make the time for this?


In these final weeks of August, as we absorb public exams results and look to September, I hope and pray that we can all create time to pray and to plan and to prepare for the year ahead so that we can listen, care, pray for and bless our schools and colleges as chaplains.


You can watch this reflection here:



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