Reflections from the Chair - March

15th March 2021

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The Revd Mike Haslam shares his reflections of the month.

This month Mike explores Mothering Sunday and the intricacy of families and family life, asking that we can thank God for all families, whatever their complexity of the challenges they face.


If we seek an example of a complicated family then I commend you to Miriam, Moses, their mum and the Pharaoh’s daughter. And they are far from the only example in the bible.


Mothering Sunday, which we have just celebrated, might have started life with a focus on the compassion and care of mother church, even thought that has too often turned to cruelty [Lord have mercy upon us], but it is now firmly established with an almost entirely unreal and impossible illusion of motherhood and family life. It has little space for diversity or humanity or grief.


Yet that isn’t what I read in scripture, or see in life. A family living amidst slavery, poverty and persecution is desperate to save their son. A mother and sister use every trick in the book to persuade the Pharaoh’s daughter to care for the lad. There are no ‘right’ choices and getting it wrong could have tragic consequences. Yet somehow they find a way.


As chaplains we are there with just such families throughout the year, in all of their complexity and wonder. We are there to nurture through challenges and celebrate love. We are there to listen, care and pray. We are there to live and share the hope of God; for we are people of hope.


This Mothering Sunday I hope that we haven’t been overwhelmed with the impossible ideals, I certainly hope that we don’t allow them to make us feel guilty. I hope that instead, we can thank God for all families, whatever their complexity of the challenges they face. Especially, I hope that we can thank God for all who are as mothers to us; and for all who have been there for us, who we now lift to God amidst our grief. And I thank God for chaplains as we share hope.


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