Theos February Newsletter

24th February 2021

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Welcome to your February newsletter from Theos.

Dear friends

We hope you are keeping well and warm this chilly February. Despite the cold and snow, we are seeing encouraging signs of spring as the daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops push through the mud. There is hope ahead!

This month’s letter includes a reflection from Theos researcher Hannah Waite, challenging the claims of a ‘straightforward conflict’ between science and religion.

We are excited to publish our second piece of work on chaplaincy, exploring the shape of pastoral care at universities during the pandemic. Our launch event on 17 March will feature a number of voices reflecting on the dramatic changes this year has brought to this crucial mechanism of support. Please join us for the conversation.

Our latest blog from Theos researcher Hannah Rich addresses the great need for theology as the pandemic’s economic and social consequences continue to reverberate around the world. Please do give it a read.

Though the Theos team remains dispersed across the country as we continue to work from home, we are proud to continue our programme of rigorous research in the pursuit of a better conversation about the role of faith in society. We hope this newsletter enlivens and informs you and, as always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and reflections. Please do get in touch with us at

Best wishes,

The Theos team




Care under Covid-19: Providing spiritual and pastoral support at a distance

During the pandemic, chaplains have been more needed than ever before but the nature of their work has shifted dramatically. What does spiritual and pastoral case look like when physical presence is restricted or lost? 

This online event on 17th March 2021 brings together a panel of chaplains and pastoral carers. It also marks the launch of new research by Theos, exploring the contributions of university chaplains during Covid.

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Science and Religion: a year’s reflection

'The depiction of straightforward conflict between science and religion is not a fair or accurate representation of the relationship'.

In this blog Hannah Waite shares what she has learned from the first year of our Science and Religion project.


Why the ‘Great Reset’ needs theology

'Perhaps this is the opportunity for a great reset not only in our systems, but also in our sources of wisdom.'

Hannah Rich argues that theology has much to offer to discussions around economic inequality. Read the blog here.


Economic Inequality and Church Responses in the UK

If you missed it, you can catch up on the recording of Simon Perfect speaking on economic inequality and church responses in the UK at this JustShare event.

Watch Simon's presentation from 4.48.

Download his report 'Bridging the Gap' here.

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