News from Taize November 2020

16th November 2020


We hope you are well!

Over the half-term holiday at the end of October we were able to welcome groups of French teenagers in 3 successive 4-day "sessions". The constraints were considerable: masks had to be worn inside and outside, by all. Groups had to eat their meals among themselves in their own designated areas, and small discussion groups were formed only among those who had travelled together. Despite all this, many young people and group leaders expressed their gratitude that their pilgrimage had been possible and said it had meant a lot to them.

Immediately after the holiday period France re-entered lockdown: no visitors can come and the community shop is closed. The long-stay volunteers here were given the choice to stay or leave. The majority have chosen to remain, while knowing that the coming weeks (or months?) will include times of prayer with small doses of manual work and study, but without any international youth meetings.

Prayers streamed online

When we live-streamed evening prayer during the Spring, it was greatly appreciated. And so, with a number of countries under renewed lockdown, we have started this again with a small group of brothers each day -- we shall take it in turns. It is at 7:30 pm UK time. Details, including the daily order of prayer, can be found on
End of year meeting

Around 300 young adults have registered so far for the «European Meeting in Taizé» from 27 December to 1 January. We have no idea whether, at the end of next month, it will be possible to welcome participants here or not. However, in one form or another, the meeting will go ahead online and we invite young adults to participate individually or as a local group.


Getting ready for work!

The “big kitchen” at Taizé is under new management! Normally staffed by volunteers and producing meals for thousands of young people, the kitchen has been very empty for much of the year. Now, with teams of brothers rotating in 3 daily shifts, biscuit production has begun. At the moment we are struggling to keep up with demand which includes sales at local markets, but imagine that this will drop off after Christmas. [Note: Because they are a food product, our online shop can only send the biscuits to European Union addresses.]

In 2020 among the small number of UK visitors who came here, we were happy to welcome Bishop Olivia of Reading and Rev. Tim Crome, one of the Methodist Superintendents in Sheffield.

In 2019 brother Jean Patrick welcomed visitors from the UK in Taizé. And our plan is that he continue to take the leading role in contact with Britain. Of course, as we have had very few visitors from Britain recently, he has inherited - for the moment - a rather empty role! But he is looking forward to it becoming more substantial.

with best wishes,
Jean Patrick and Paolo

Brother Jean Patrick,
Taizé Community,
71250 TAIZÉ,

+33 385503030
+33 782846740 (& WhatsApp)


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