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8th July 2020


Welcome to the July newsletter from Theos.

We are delighted to have launched two reports in the last month. The most recent, Religious London, featured in The Guardian, The Times, The Spectator, and The Independent and was launched with a lively online panel event you can watch back here.  The news that London is more religious and socially conservative than elsewhere in Great Britain, and that religious believers  in the city practice more intensely than elsewhere, has sparked a lot of interest.

Our report on Inequality also launched in June, featuring on BBC Radio and beyond, and argued that Christian theology and institutions have a unique contribution to make on economic inequality. You can download both from our research page. Or why not sign up as a friend to receive hard copies of all our reports?

Also for your perusal, we have a new long read on Yuval Noah Harari by Nick Spencer. Harari is one of the world's most influential thinkers, and Nick unpacks his arguments in his inimitable clear and witty style. If you’ve seen Sapiens or Homo Deus on friends' bookshelves, this is essential reading.

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Religious London - latest report

We’ve seen some real momentum behind the launch of our latest report, Religious London, and used the opportunity to host our first ever online event in conversation with some key voices in the field of faith / civil society / politics. If you missed the event you can watch it back here.

You can also read musings from report co-author Nathan Mladin in his blog ‘To ‘do London', you really need to ‘do God' and download or purchase the report here.


After COVID–19, churches must lead the way in tackling economic inequality

Our recent report, Bridging the Gap: Economic Inequality and Church Responses in the UK, argues that churches, and Christians more widely, have a distinctive role to play in helping tackle economic inequality.

Author Simon Perfect introduces the report in this blog, or listen to him discuss it on BBC Radio Ulster here.

Download or purchase the report here.


What do pandemics change? Human vulnerability and embracing the leper

'Francis’ encounter with himself in Christ the leper impacted a vast network of communities, and Covid-19 represents similar opportunities.'

In the first guest blog of our series looking at what pandemics change, Rachel Davies considers what we can learn from the experiences of Angela of Foligno and Francis of Assisi.

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Sapiens, maybe. Deus, no.

'Harari’s vision of human beings does not come close to reflecting our deepest understanding of ourselves.'

In his latest long read, Nick Spencer critiques two of the biggest books of our time ‘Sapiens’ and ‘Homo Deus’ by Yuval Noah Harari.

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